Tim Albers

Texas Towns - Deep in the Heart

What's Texas Towns about?

Albers moves from town to town at breakneck speed, cutting across the terrain with short anecdotes and humor. He also includes Web site addresses for each town so readers may find further information on a specific location. Texas Towns gives the "friendly" origin of the state's name in addition to certain famous counties and rivers, but it also shows the importance the railroads had in early Texas. A handy pocket reference guide for the state, Texas Towns helps readers get better acquainted with the place people call the "Friendship State."Under the big blue sky and across the ever shifting landscape of Texas, small towns quietly bustle with the comings and goings of everyday life. Each city limit sign proclaims another town, white font on a green field, symbols that hold a story. For those who have ever found themselves on a road weary afternoon in Texas wondering how towns got their name, Tim Albers has the answers in this book. Where did the name Cut and Shoot come from? Why is the Alamo called the Alamo, and how did the state ever get the name Texas? These are just a few of the things Albers addresses in his extensively researched book. Texas Towns is an easy-to-read reference book that offers all the background on many of the towns in the state, from the sprawling urban splendor of Dallas and Houston to the beaches of Corpus Christi and Galveston to the small towns of Bee Cave and Cibolo. Albers offers the origin of the town names and gives additional information, such as who settled it and what year it was settled, as well as interesting stories about the place.